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PowerToFly Review

PowerToFly helps women find jobs that are flexible and family-friendly. Many web development jobs are available on the site but there are also jobs for those who specialize in social media, writing, design, marketing, and PR.

Jobs Available on PowerToFly

Job categories on PowerToFly include;

  • Infrastructure & Networking
  • Dev Management
  • Software Engineering
  • Testing
  • Design
  • Data
  • Product Management
  • Management & Operations
  • Media & Publishing
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Science & Education
  • Training

Development Remote Jobs

The most popular remote job category on PowerToFly is Development. To provide a few examples –some of the best remote development jobs that are currently available on PowerToFly include;

  • Back End Developer
  • Security Specialist
  • Applications Engineering
  • Full Stack Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Machine Learning Software Engineer
  • Marketing Web Developer
  • Front End Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • IT Risk and Compliance Specialist

*This is only a small sample of remote jobs available in this category. Visit their website to see if there’s remote work available that best suits your skill set.

PowerToFly Pricing & Plans

PowerToFly is a free service for job seekers.

PowerToFly charges the following fees to businesses who would like to post a job opening and hire talents from the platform;


  • Unlimited candidate searches
  • Unlimited messaging to candidates
  • Track candidate applications
  • Automated algorithmic matches
  • Candidate contact details
  • Pre-screened candidate data
  • Company profile
  • No direct hiring fees

Cost: $1000/seat/month


  • Up to 10 hiring platform seat licenses
  • Employer branding
  • Sourcing
  • Concierge recruiting

Cost: Contact PowerToFly for a custom quote.


Is PowerToFly a Scam?

Our readers have not indicated that PowerToFly is a scam or conducts business unfairly. You’re invited to share your experience about PowerToFly in the comments below.

This PowerToFly review was updated May 2017.


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